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Meet the Artist: Kitty Kolden

North East Montana native Kitty Kolden acquired the nickname “bird” as a toddler, when she was seen clinging to her black cat's tail – screaming “BIRD! BIRD! BIRD!”, while the cat crouched under a log pile, devouring her pet bird. Kitty's nickname is still in use today, among her family and friends and serves as her email address.

Being raised on a farm and ranch, the fourth of four children, Kitty independently wandered the outdoors from an early age, only coming home to eat (according to her Mother). She was also her Father's “Left-Hand Man”, in spite of having been born the wrong sex for the name he had picked for his much -desired -but -never -realized second boy (Scott Dewey). Kitty's tomboyish ways and curious nature led to hours of exploration and observation in the natural world, a fascination that has continued to this day.

As a teenager, Kitty left home to chase the “Big Bucks” afforded her working in the oil field and thirsting for a change of scenery, she has visited 40 of the 50 states, Canada, China, Guam and Nicaragua. Kitty obtained a degree in journalism, while continuing to work full time. With the advent of digital imaging, Kitty's dream of photographing our wild and wonderful world, to share with others, came true.

Kitty believes that you “get what you give” in this world and her way of giving something back is documenting her travels with words and pictures in the “Kolden Report”.  (To start your free subscription to the "Kolden Report", provide your email address in the "contact me" form on this website , send an email to Kitty at or you can read the reports at . Together, with her patient husband Jim, the two kindred spirits roam the “Road less traveled”, looking for the next photo opportunity – just over the hill.

Kitty's other hobbies include camping, canoeing, hiking, swimming, horsehair basketry and traveling everywhere – once.

Kitty believes in paying it forward, random acts of kindness, voting, thanking Veterans for their service, recycling and believes in using re-purposed materials where possible. One of her favorite sayings is “Use it up, wear it out, make it do... or do without!”

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