Rooster Battle! Rooster Battle! Stand-offish 146810142 Tackle! Vicious attack by one rooster on another. 146810132 Wings of fury. Both roosters attempt to make themselves appear larger. 146810133 Pose.... Wings used in offensive and defensive posturing. 146810134 Eye contact Birds watch one another, even in mid air. 146810135 Airplane wings? Wings for stability. 146810136 Posturing. Roosters circle one another, who'll make the first move. 146810137 Rooster ballet... 146810138 Pounce! 146810139 Float like a butterfly.... Feathers splayed for mobility. 146810140 Poetry in Motion Currently on display in the Natural History Museum, Ordover Gallery, San Diego, California. Competing in the "Best of Nature" Show. Gallery opening January 21, 2012 from 11-2pm. 146810141 ....I'll show you mine.... 146810143 Mirror Image. 146810144 High jumper! 146810145 Tangle. 146810146 How birds yell. 146810147 Shall we dance? 146810148 Head bobbin' 146810249 FANCY dancer. 146810250 Clash! 146810251 Too much testosterone 146810252 LeapFrog 146810253 Kickin butt. 146810254 Referee approach 146810255 Posing. 146810256 Referee steps in Third rooster "referee's" the action. 146810131